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Pathology Report Cath Removal

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Had my RP follow up appointment today, catheter removed and got updated pathology report.  Its been 11 days since RP surgery and finally feels good to get my ball and chain removed.  Dr was pleased to tell me that cancer has been removed and that no follow up radiation or HT will be needed at this time.  Still on light duty and light lifting for 3 more weeks and will take it day by day on the incontinence issue so far so good.  


Path report:


Gleason 3+3=6

Perineural Invasion: Focal present

Postate and Tumor size:  prostate=32 gms, tumor 1.6cm

Lymph Nodes:  Clear

Seminal Vesicles: Negative

Margins:  Clear


hopeful and opt...
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......so all information about your situation is in one place..........Thanks

Old Salt
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I don't know what the significance is of the following observation:

Perineural Invasion: Focal present

Did someone explain this to you?

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Dr explained the cancer was in nerve bundle, and nerve bundle was removed. Future PSA will moniter for any reoccurance due to this

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I'm glad your pathology report is mostly very good.  

Removal of 'the' ('a') nerve bundle might yield impotence, but there is more than one bundle and the doctors statement is not very comprehensive yet.  But I would note:  if there was cancer on the nerves, them being cut out does not make surgery a bad guy. The nerves would have required radiating if radiation had been your mode of treatment, and  impotence would have possibly resulted then as well.

But this is still speculation at this point. Next appointment, ask the doc if all of the nerve tissue was removed or only some, and what he thinks the likely outcome will be.


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