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Statistics on getting lymphoma

Anonymous user (not verified)

i have read that, statistically at least, vegetarians and people who take vitamins and food supplements, especially those high in antioxidants, are more likely to get lymphoma. The vegetarians, even those who use so-called "organic" vegetables, probably consume more insecticides and chemicals which are for the most part non water soluble and can't be washed off and can stay in the soil for decades. Thats one possible explanation. Any ideas on the antioxidants? My belief has been that 90% of cancers are caused by genetics and dumb luck (chromosome dislocation). I bring this up because i was always health concious, ate limited meat and took vitamins/supplements for decades, never smoked, exercised and stayed trim and here I am on the cancer board. I know my wife's uncle was diagnosed with melanoma and went on a vegetarian high antioxidant regimen and his melanoma raged and killed him. I am wondering - did my lifestyle, especially my eating habits, contribute to my cancer. Or is this all just meaningless anecdotal information? It bothers me a lot because I see my 35 year old son adopting the same eating habits and road warrior lifestyle I had. Any thoughts?

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