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Can't remember how to send a message to a specific person (max )

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To Max or anyone with Prostate Cancer knowledge:  I just posted on the Prostate Cancer Forum regarding my husband (Mac).  Wanted your take but couldn't remember how to send a private message to an individual on the forum.  Don't know how ofter you head over there, so though maybe you wouldn't mind checking it out? - From Paella

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Click on his username. When his page comes up, look to the right of his username to the selections that are there. Click on "Contact" and you're set.

Max Former Hodg...
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I just logged on and see your message now Paella.  I'll find your post and respond.

You will learn that prostate cancer is NOTHING like lymphoma; a whole different world.  The terminology, treatments: none are similiar. But is is usually curable or at least managable. 


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