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Good news

Soup52 Member Posts: 905

It has been 1 year since my surgery and after radiation and chemo I just had my second appointment with the oncologist since my scan and I remain clear. I won't have another scan for six months. (I guess I've been radiated enough and he doesn't want me glowing.) Anyway I'll just be closely followed every 3 months. What a relief! Yes, I still have some neuropathy and stomach issues, but I can live with both. I'm just happy to be alive:)


  • Lou Ann M
    Lou Ann M Member Posts: 996
    What good,news!

    Congradulations.  Keep dancing with NED.

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

  • Editgrl
    Editgrl Member Posts: 903
    Yay, Soup!

    So happy for you!

  • EZLiving66
    EZLiving66 Member Posts: 1,476 **
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    That is wonderful news, Soup!

    That is wonderful news, Soup!!  You must have had surgery around the same time I did.  I hope these great checkups keep coming and coming.



  • beccabtown
    beccabtown Member Posts: 234
    Congratulations, Soup!

    Congratulations, Soup!

  • Nellasing
    Nellasing Member Posts: 528
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    Wow- that is great news!!!  So happy to hear it and I have to admit I chuckled at your comment about glowing- you know no matter how much they do or dont give you, you will always glow to us Kiss  (((HUGS)))  Thanks for sharing!!!

  • janaes
    janaes Member Posts: 799
    YeY YeY Yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

    YeY YeY Yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am happy for you

  • Mmpeterson
    Mmpeterson Member Posts: 124
    That is amazing news!!! 

    That is amazing news!!!  Maryanne

  • MAbound
    MAbound Member Posts: 1,156 **
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    Wonderful News!!

    It's such a long haul to get to that one year mark, but I can just imagine how good it must feel to get there and have that negative scan. Hope you are doing something to celebrate!

  • TeddyandBears_Mom
    TeddyandBears_Mom Member Posts: 1,801 **
    Time to celebrate Soup!

    Time to celebrate Soup! Congrats on the one year anniversary. May you enjoy your dance with NED forever!

    Love and Hugs,


  • Kvdyson
    Kvdyson Member Posts: 789
    Yes, definitely time to

    Yes, definitely time to celebrate! Congratulations to you, Soup. May you stay NED forever!

  • txtrisha55
    txtrisha55 Member Posts: 693
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    Congratulations on your 1

    Congratulations on your 1 year.  It is exciting when you reach it.  Praying for many more years of NED. trish

  • Soup52
    Soup52 Member Posts: 905
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    Thank you everyone! Your

    Thank you everyone! Your support means so much!

  • DrienneB
    DrienneB Member Posts: 182
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    So great!!

    Happy for you Soup! Have some champagne with that!!

  • namedropper
    namedropper Member Posts: 102
    Yeah.   I am sooooo happy for

    Yeah.   I am sooooo happy for you.


  • LindyLu
    LindyLu Member Posts: 72
    Great news!

    Doing a Happy Dance for you!  Congrats and hope you're doing something fun to celebrate!  Cheers,  LL