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update MRI

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Heres my up date.  I got my MRI results back.  It looks like it wasnt as bad as they doctor thought or what i thought.  There was some wedging on my T-12 on my vertabra.  I dont know all the technical terms but i do understand what it means to some extent which to me is what is important. The nurse i talked to said the doctor said there could be some possible physical therapy.  She didnt sound to anxious to do it though. 

Any ways i asked the nurse to send me some exersizes i could do and asked if i could where a back brace.  I wish i could of asked the doctor these question, but that didnt happen. Nurse said it wouldnt hurt.

Any ways the good news is that my back has been feeling better.  Im not sure what it is that is helping (I have been doing a few exersizes and wearing the brace and using ice and heat).  It didnt feel good when i was sitting at church.  The chairs there arent the best for maintaining good posture. Other than that i had two full days of no pain.  I am trying to****** today.  It is definetly not bad like it was at church but im not sure if i feel no pain.  Im tring to not do too much but at the same time do some things.  I want to go for a walk and try to talkle some of my dishes that have been neglected since chemo was over(i guess i didnt miss avoiding dishes too much and havent been to anxious to get that ruiteen back)

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Janae, congrats on the good news about the MRI results. Sounds like the exercising and hot/cold that you've been doing are working well. Keep up the good work and hopefully you'll feel like yourself again soon!

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That is great news!  I bet that is a relief to know it wasn't as bad as you thought.  Sending you hugs and prayers for you to keep feeling better!!  Maryanne

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Glad for these results and glad you are taking care of yourself.


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SO glad to hear your good news Laughing

Can't say I blame you not wanting to get back into the routine of dishes Tongue Out lol

Have a GREAT DAY- keep moving  (((HUGS)))

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That is good news.  I'm sure the exercising is helping.  Glad to hear that it wasn't as bad as everyone thought.

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