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Anxiety is starting to build and getting scared over path report.  I know everyone says to take it one day at a time but today seems to be getting away from me.  The path report will be in soon and I am trying not to overthink it all but for some reason today just isn't a very good day for me.  I seem to be getting around better since my surgery and saying my prayers.  Maybe it is the isolation because in the hospital I had dr's and nurse's coming around all the time and when you get home that isn't the case.  Fiance has to work as do my friends and I have no other family here.  Makes it really hard to keep it together.  Maryanne

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It's hard not to get ahead of yourself.  Try to do something to take your mind off of it.  Watch a movie, read, go outside, even if it's just in your yard.  I'm trying all those things today as I await my scan results tomorrow, with varying degrees of success.

I find belly-breathing often helps with that anxious feeling and can reduce stress. 

Try to find something to "do" to re-direct your mind.  Doesn't always work, but worth a shot.  I know exactly what you are going through.






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Lou Ann M
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Not worrying can be so hard to to, even when you,do take it one day at a,time.  Sometimes I have found that listening to relaxing music or hymns on my I pod helps calm me down.  I also like the adult coloring books.. they can be be,very relaxing.  I think writing your thoughts in a journal,may be helpful.  I get comfort from writing on,this site , too.  Your doctor can priscribe antianxiety drugs.  Don't be afraid to ask if you,need to.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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Thats what we are here for.  Im glad you posted.  I cant even count the times i posted when i was feeling isolated.   I was home alot by myself and needed support and my wonderful friends on this group responded.  Waiting for the pathology report is so hard.  I had to use my prayers alot during that time.  Give yourself some credit.  You are doing great.  Thinking about how chalenging cancer is helped me go easy on myself.  You're doing something chalenging and its okay to struggle.

Big hugs to you, Janae

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You are definitely not alone Maryann...I'm having the same kind of day.  I started my second cycle of Topotecan yesterday after finding out that my CA 125 had gone up steadily throughout cycle #1 (they test weekly).  I went from 28 to 40 in one month.  My onc. says not to worry yet as it just happens sometimes, and he is going to do a scan at the end of this next cycle.  The thing is I have every CA125 result going back 3 years and I know that an upward trend has never been good, so getting through a month of anxiety is what I'm facing.   But these are the days when I clean out drawers and closets, work in the garden, and do needlework (that helps a lot actually).  Everything our ladies are sharing is true.  You really have to work with yourself to just stay away from the dark side and stay focused on doing things that make you feel good, because happiness-laughter-joy has a chemistry of its own and it is its own kind of therapy (w/o the IV!).  Stay strong!  Hugs - Helen

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When the anxiety got the better of me, I would have to make a concerted effort to preoccupy myself. I've always loved to work out in the flower garden in my free time so that is what I would focus on. If those nagging thoughts started to peek back into my mind, I would purposefully tell them to leave and then try to concentrate on pulling more weeds. It didn't always work but it helped keep me sane during those first few months. Hoping that you can find something that works for you, too. Kim

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Working in the garden works for me most of the time as well.  There's something about being outdoors that seems to help push those anxious thoughts away.

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Thank you for all the kind words of support!  I have signed up for a workshop by the American Cancer Society called "Look Good Feel Better" for Oct 27.  It is all about beauty and feeling better when you have chemo which I will be starting soon.  Telling those thoughts to go away during the day helps but the night time is when it hits the hardest.  If I am able to fall asleep I wake up in a panic.  I wonder if it's because the surgery put me in menopause?  Not sure what the signs are for menopause, this is all new to me at 49.  Maryanne

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While I usually don't have a problem sleeping, there are those times...   I have found some guided meditations for relaxation and sleep have helped me.  It might be something for you to explore.  It helps to get your mind focused on other things.

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Maryanne, from everything all the other ladies have said about "Look Good Feel Better" I think you will enjoy it.  

We all had (and have) anxiety pop up in our lives.  My friend who had breast cancer about a year before my cancer had given me some advice when I first found out - don't be afraid to ask for something to help you sleep.  I wish I had.  So I pass that along to you - don't be afraid to ask for something to help you get rest.  Rest is restorative, rest is healing, it is what is going to help you.

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We have all been there, the worrying does sometime creep up on you.  Walking outside, coloring in books, writing in journal, reading books, anything to get your mind off the "what ifs" is good.  I really cannot talk about the menopause as I went through it at 36 after my mother passed away.  I really had no symptoms.  I had no night sweats, a few spotting but nothing major but that stopped completely by the time I was 40, a few moods swings but I still have those so I do not think that is because of menopause.      Good Luck on working through the worrying and try to think of other things.  trish

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