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Checking In - Starting 2nd cycle of Topotecan

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Hi Ladies!  Have nothing monumental to share, just wanted to check in and say "Hi" and let you know I have finished my first cycle (3 weeks on, one week off) of Topotecan and start cycle #2 tomorrow.  So far, so good.  A few queasy moments.  A little bone pain, but basically doing OK.  I have been trying to "Let Go, Let God..." and it helps.  Had one silly, wonderful litle miracle right in the beginning.  I was wanting to do some research on Topotecan and the first article I ran across was about a woman my age with late stage UPSC, multiple recurrances, multiple chemos who went on Topotecan and after 18 treatments she was NED and has been that way ever since (now 5 years!).  I was so happy!!  We are trying to take advantage of the 4th - off- week, and just got back from a week at Lake Tahoe.  At the end of this month, my husband is taking me to NY for a week, a belated birthday present.  Life goes on and right now, it is pretty good.  Got to celebrate my new little grandson's first birthday, and his Daddy's (my son) 40th birthday recently.  So much fun!! 

My platelet count did drop way low, and my naturopath started having me spray my body with organic, cold pressed sesame oil.  Sounds crazy, but my platelets doubled in one week!!  And I have the softest skin ever!!  Can't believe fall is here and the holidays are right around the corner.  Hoping all of you are doing well, getting through treatments well, and hopefully we will prevail.  Hugs to all - Helen

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I hope you get to have NED just like the story you read.

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"having me spray my body with organic, cold pressed sesame oil"... interesting. 

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My husband would want to do the honors!! Poor man has to have some fun!

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Lou Ann M
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I hope this works for you and you soon find your self dancing with NED.  Glad you are able.to get out and have some fun. Nothing,is better than holding a new baby.  Congratulation.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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(((Helen))) I hope your story mirrors the one you read about.  I never heard of the sesame seed oil but I would have tried it when both red and white cells tanked.  It sounds like you're making the most of your good weeks and living life to the fullest!  Grandchildren are the best medicine.



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Helen, Thanks for checking in. I have thought about you often. So glad you are able to do fun things on your good week. The emotional lift is much needed to keep your spirits up and continue to fight the cancer beast. I'm hoping for a good news story at the end of your treatments and many years of dancing with NED.

Love and Hugs,


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Helen, you are such a trooper! So glad you found that article. Kind of makes you want to write one of your own for all of those who will follow in your footsteps, doesn't it? I can just imagine them reading the section about you spraying the sesame oil on your body! But, hey, as long as it works, who cares! :)

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Helen, you are a blessing. I'm glad you are living life to the fullest and with such a positive mindset. I am continuously praying that Topotecan will work for you too, just like the article you've found. I'm glad there are multiple treatments out there for different people and am hoping for even more effective ones so we can get rid of this kind of cancer for good!


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So happy to hear about the treatment, the story you related and the fun adventures you have been on.  That sesame oil is a new one for me but I am so happy to have my naturopath and acupuncturist onboard as we go along.  I am positive they have kept me from experiencing the brunt of the "effects" of the drugs.  Blessings - may you have many more good days than bad and be NED before you know it.  I have yet to hear those words as I just finished my last chemo. Laughing

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So glad to hear that you are doing well on the Topotecan.  Very interesting about the sesame oil; I seem to remember reading one thread quite some time ago that mentioned tahini in regards to blood counts.  Great little tidbit to tuck away.

Hoping that your next cycle goes as well, and some day you, too, will prevail!


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Helen, So happy for you that all is well so far and that you found some inspiration in that article.  Continue to enjoy those happy times during the bad, life indeed does go on!  Wishing you all the best with the rest of your cycles.


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Hi Helen,

Thanks so much for the upbeat report. It is good to hear about treatments that seem to work. Beyond all the mitigating factors around everything that's tried, truth is true, even before it is scientifically proven as such.

I read your profile and am hugely impressed that you were able to get a biopsy one day after discovering spotting. That in and of itself is a blessing.

Glad you are enjoying every moment of your beautiful life, in and around treatments for cancer.


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