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Back to a Second Surgery to Complete Staging

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So, after much thought and getting opinions from various doctors, we've decided to go with the gyn/onc's (and the tumor board's) recommendation to complete my mom's staging by going for a second surgical procedure to remove para-aortic lymph nodes, the omentum, and the hypermetabolic fluid she's collected from the last surgery that is still bothering her. I will ask the doctor if they are going to do a second peritoneal washing.

My mom's second surgery will be this coming Thursday (10/13/16) and hopefully will all be done laparoscopically to minimze recovery time. If possible, please pray for my mom as she has to go through another surgery and pray that everything taken to pathology turns out clear and free of cancer cells! That would give us some relief as we go into chemo treatment weeks afterwards and might affect our decision of getting external radiation treatment. I'm hoping they don't take too many lymph nodes out that could potentially cause her to have lymphadema in the future. She's already had 19 pelvic lymph nodes taken out and I'm scared that anything more than 30 will exponentially raise her chances of getting lymphadema.

Will update you guys as soon as I can.


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I read this and it made me so angry!!  Would this medical staff treat THEIR family like this?  I would certainly complain about it.  I understand totally about watching a loved one in pain and not being able to help them - it is horrible! 

Your mom is so lucky to have you by her side.  I'm glad she's feeling a little better and I'm sending all my positive thoughts and good vibrations her way that they find no more cancer.




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