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Back to ER...

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Darn darn darn .  Today is my nadir and you guessed it, fever and chills.  Hubby is at his ill parents.  Fever up to 102.5  so as soon as he get here we are back to Dante's Inferno (ER).  Crap but knew my white cells suck.  Will let you know when (if) I ever make it through the ER!  I know it will be fine just don't like going in.  


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I can just see you with the inked bow and symbol on your head!  Only you would think of that!  

We're always glad to hear from you, but take all the time you need to get your head around everything going on.

Great to see your post.


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I know it's only been since the 20th that we got word but it just seems like an eternity when we are waiting to hear and so glad you felt up to it :D  You really were on a trip- dang girl!  Not supposed to go in with trouble and get all banged up :( 

You were obviously needed and missed here so no more of that ;)

Keep dancing on NED'S toes ((((HUGS))))

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You are such an amazing person, Patti! So many of us would feel low about the hair thing and you turn around and handle it in a way that makes one smile just to picture it. I truly admire the person you are. You've been through so much...I wish you some peace now. Be well!

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Glad you felt up to giving us an update sweet Patty. And, as always provided something to make us laugh. Keep on healing and we will send positive energy for your dance with NED!

Love and Hugs,


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Patty remember you are on a journey and one step at a time is what it takes to make it. I remember that was close to what you said to me as i was recovering and was so glad to here it.   One step is the first of the journey.  Take the time you need to to go forward. You will make it.  No more chemo!!!!!!! what a blessing that is.   Im still with you on that one.

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Patty, you are a hoot - I can just imagine you with that bow painted on your head! So glad that you are doing better and that you kept your sense of humor through it all. You are such an inspiration! Praying that you have no more drama and that the results from your December check-up show NED. Kim

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So much has happened to you, and you have me in stitches. Trailer in the desert with the mother-in-law? Drawing symbols of your gender i.d. on your head with a marker?!! And loving your nurses, even if they call you "sir"!! Too much and absolutely great. Wishing you continued strength and humor as you recover and do all the checks in the next couple of months.


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I'm just so glad you're back and still have your sense of humor back!!  Take care,  my friend! 



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Hi girl- just thinking about you- I saw a post or two and nothing since - how are you doing by now?  Poor LARyan's mom is in the hospital and sounds like she is going through something similiar to what you did....  Hope all is well and you are fully recovered <3  (((HUGS)))


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