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Lymph Nodes, How Many Taken

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Hi Everyone, If you have a few minutes for this and you are able, would you give me the following data on your cancer? I am most interested in learning about your own experience with regards to cancer type/stage and number of lymph nodes dissected.  I am sending these questions to a few of the discussion boards concerning female cancers. Thank you, jane

  1. Primary tumor location:
  2. Month/year of cancer diagnosis:
  3. Stage determined when cancer first discovered:
  4. Stage determined at time of or after initial debulking surgery:
  5. Grade/Type of tumor:
  6. Quantity of Lymph Nodes Removed:

Here’s mine:

  1. Uterus
  2. May/2013
  3. Stage III
  4. Stage IIIB
  5. Grade 3/MMMT or Carcinosarcoma
  6. 84 lymph nodes
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november 2011

stage 2a1

figo stage 2a2   (T2a2, n1, mx)

grade 3, adenosquamous carcinoma

6 lymph nodes (2+)

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Posts: 186
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You seem very close to your 5-year celebration!
Hope you're doing well. Thanks for clocking in with some of your stats.


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