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7cm Cyst on right kidney

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I've been diagnosed with a 7cm cyst on my right kidney.  Based on 2 ct-scans and a few ultrasounds over the years it does not appear to be cancer but cancer cannot be ruled out either.  I will be talking to a urologist oncologist who specializes in robotic arthroscopic surgery on Monday to determine if I have the option of having a partial nephrectomy.   The cyst is growing outside the kidney and doctor thinks there is enough tissue that will be left over to consider the partial.  My question is have any of you heard of or had a partial nephrectomy performed arthroscopically on a cyst this large?   Thanks in advance!

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Keep in mind these are thoughts not a sustitute for your surgoen's input and recommendations.

1. He is probably referring to Laproscopic surgery.

2. Many times if it gets larger than 4 cm they remove it because it could become Cancer.

3. At 7 cm it may be too large for a partial.

We hope all goes well however they proceed. Not a fun place to be. Mine was over 14 years ago.



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Glad you found us and hope you get the answers you need from your surgeon today. You call it a "cyst" but I bet its more than a cyst, perhaps? Again, its the position and size that the surgeon has to consider and explain to you.

We'll be here for you and walk along side you all the way, if you'd like us to.

We'll support and inform you best we can.

Hugs and good luck today!


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