Winter of Fox? Really?

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Ok, Results are in. It still just blows my mind that the nivo didn't work. Anyway radiation and cabozantinib on the other hand work real good. I think that I mentioned that I am currently painless. Radiation needs to not scare people so much. Lately the radiation has whippped me out. Almost like a milder IL-2. But it has worked every time. We've stopped tumors and pain in their tracks. A couple /three weeks later I forget about all of it It is history. Nice. The cabo has reduced most soft  tissue mets by 50% Everything under a cm. Then no mention of any clots or tumors growing toward my heart. I told them up front that they would disappear and guess what? And my heart echo still shows a runners heart. They tell me to start running again any time I want to. Yeah, I know. I'm an old man now. But wouldn't it be a hoot to train and do a 5K with my daughter? We last raced together 30 years ago. Too bad winter is coming because I can't stand the cold anymore and I also don't want to fall. However a new problem has developed that needs it's own thread.

FLY!!! We do this together. We need to support and cheer each other on so that we know we can still live good lives.



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    So happy for you Fox

    Happy to hear you are doing better.  Pain free?....that's awesome.  Sounds like you've been given the green light on adventure.  Winter is sneaking up on us soon enough here too in Illinois and not looking forward to it at all.  Not my favorite season, not a fan of the cold.  And I'm little fearful this year because I walk the trails everyday with my pup and lately I've been seeing wooly willy's.  It's pretty early for that and the squirrels have been going crazy burying nuts too. 

    Hope you have many great days ahead.


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    you are always so supportive and nice to everyone. Thanks.

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    Winter of Fox

    Sounds great! Certainly better than a winter of discontent. I'll keep my faith in Nivomulab and hope for the Abscopal Effect.

    Donna, I hesitate to ask, but what exactly is a "wooly willy"?

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    Start training, Fox--I'll run one with you!  It's like riding a bike; your body won't forget. 


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    Okay there is not only Foxy

    Okay there is not only Foxy-sexy, loving, supportive-caring man, we have RUNNING MAN!!!

    Only luv you more!

    Hugs, Jan

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    Was always a middle of the pack runner. Always somewhere in the middle third. I met a lot of great health minde d people and I always like living in concurrent cultures. Health professional, biker, golfer, guitar player, runner and weight trainer. Different groups of people dedicated to special interests. Of course the most important one is with you guys. We do this together.

    Jan, runners can go the distance....When I was circling the drain a couple years back, being able to hang on just a little longer and not letting go, was from runners traing. There is no doubt  about it. I had trained to exceed normal tolerence. And it saved me. That is why I can still be here to flirt with you.

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    You're the man.

    You got this. Pizza and beer for all. . . 

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    Fantastic news! Might i add

    Fantastic news! Might i add that i knew it would go this way! Great meds and a wonderful attitude equal success! If TW were here, he would remind you that you are our poster boy!  What is the new development? ELF

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    As my pain disappeared after radiaion, I decreased my opiates too quickly. So I am finishing withdrawl now. Even at low dose of oxy, 1-3 pills day, it was the duration of time I have been taking them. I was feeling wired and couldn't put my finger on it. I'm glad we figured that out.

    All I really know is that these brief periods of good health reports don't last. I want to get the most out of the coming weeks before the other shoe drops. So far so many shoes have dropped, it is like a bare foot centipede.

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    Winter of Fox

    Sounds great! Certainly better than a winter of discontent. I'll keep my faith in Nivomulab and hope for the Abscopal Effect.

    Donna, I hesitate to ask, but what exactly is a "wooly willy"?

    Wooly Willy

    They are dark, almost black, really furry caterpillars.  :-)


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    Migrate South

    I have a guest cottage on the MS Gulf Coast, you are welcome anytime.  Pleasant weather most of the year, Just let me know and we will set it up, sleeps 6, 2 queens and two singles.  New Orleans is 55 min. to the West.

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    Another day, another lap done

    and we'll set the finish line waaaaaaay out in the future.  Like Infinity and beyond.  Glad to hear things are better and you at least feel like you might run a 5K.

    I could ship my 10 year old granddaughter to you; she finished 27th out of over 100 in the Prefontaine for Kids run 3K last month.  And she doesn't even train for running.

    No checkered flags here.



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    Great news!

    Haven't logged in here in a few weeks. So glad to see good news Fox!

    Can you find somewhere to train indoors?


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    It was only a thought

    I'm far from that healthy.  And ned will never happen. So I'll hold on the running for now. Remember, I've taken a beating the last few years. I think I'll be happy if I just remain stable for awhile. There is still that something that I can't express but I am far from what I consider normal. It's got to be the radiation and withdrawl. We'll see. Another week or two.

    Bell, WOW! Someday I'll get down there. Awesome offer. Thanx.

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    Not sure how active....

    Not sure how active you've been lately, Fox, but those "Couch to 5K" (or 10K) training schedules always make me figure I actually manage them. My 5Ks and 10Ks have mostly been walking, hiking, swimming or cycling. I run downhill, on the flat, and when pursued by a mama bear after erroneously walking between her and her cubs. Aside from the last situation (which I'm sure was a personal best, but nobody started the clock), my running times tend to be miserable.

    However, should you start to train for a 5K, I promise to train, too, and not to whine (much). Maybe I can even get my daughter interested. That would be cool.

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    That would be cool

    JG, I have continued to play golf. Actually always walked until a few weeks ago. I think it might be easier for me to hit the weights this winter and wait for spring to jog. Doing a future 5K is an awesome goal but I'm not strong enough to do it safely yet.

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    Pain free and doing well is

    Pain free and doing well is wonderful news! I agree with post above... beer and pizza all around.

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    Wonderful news Fox

    Oh how happy I am to find out your tumors have shrunk on the cabo. Get out there play golf and run. I want to dance again, it's not the same with my walker. lol So happy for you. My scans will be on the first. I am expecting the same good results you had. 

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    golfed today

    Rode in the cart and I'm exhausted. So, let's forget about running for awhile. My scans do show the clot and tumor at my heart. It was written on another page. Well as long as they don't cause problems. Anyway, it was gorgeous out there. Golf in New England.

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    Happy For You

    Time to get out the running shoes Fox, great news I am praying and hoping for a lot more good new for you brother.