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I'm New ...

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Hi All,

I write from Overseas, Italy to be exact. 

My dad was diagnosed with RCC in 2014 (the same week my mom died from another cancer), at 61 years of age. His cancer was 10cm in the left kidney. He underwent radical nephrectomy in April 2014 and the cancer came back as clear cell Stage IIIa with no lymphnode affected, nor distant mets. Furman Grade 2/3 (mainly 2 with spots of 3). 

He underwent the usual check-ups for the past 29 months and the first 6 came back as NED. Then, back in June this year doctors noticed a small increase of a nodule he'd always had in the upper lobe of his right lung, which went from 3mm to 5mm. They decided to check it again at 3 months (now). In the last CT we got both good news and bad news,  while in fact that particular nodule had not moved (and doctors say it is not cancer related), a new one suddenly appeared in the inferior lobe of his left lung. It is a 15 mm nodule between the segments of the lobe, at contact with the derivations of the bronchi. 

We immediatly saw the urologist who told us this:

1) We can't be 100% sure this 15mm nodule that suddenly appeared comes from the previously reoved RCC. In order to know my dad should do a PET scan, which has been schedule for next Wednesday 12th October. 

2) In the worst of cases, should this be in fact be RCC, he claims we can opt for a surgical approach being the nodule a single one. In that case, we should see a surgeon. 

I was wondering if anybody on here could offer me some advice, also would like to know if anybody went through similar stories. Is this a situation that can be managed/cured? 

Useless to say I'm really scared. The doctor seemed very positive in his approach though and claims that curative approach is perfectly doable. To be fair, he didn't seem at all concerned. 

Thank you. 


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Yes this sounds famiiar. Others will chime in with similarities to your dad. Welcome to the group, you will find good advice and support here. One nodule found early can be removed and a possibility it might not come back. I seem to recall reading about that, particularly in the lung.

Renal Cancer seems to behave sort of different for everyone, so please don't quote me (plus I got my medical degree from the internet, ha ha). Welcome!! 

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I'm no help with your questions, but I want you to know I'll keep you and yours in prayers.  I'm not surprised to hear you're scared, you've clearly been through a lot with your mom & now your dad. 

Hugs & prayers,


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Just wanted to welcome you, Danusa, and sorry for all you and your family have been going through.

I do not have any experience or more information, but others here will. Just know we'll be there for you

and your dad, as a supportive team!

Hugs to you and yours,


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Very sorry to hear about your father. My rcc mets to a hilar mass. 27mm x 27mm at my last scan. Two biopsies were inconclusive as to wheather it was rcc. However I was told that it most likely was. I was told it was inoperable. Votrient shrunk it down to 9mm after 8 months of use and horible side effects. I was offered radiation but turned it down. I am now on a new drug called cabometyx. If it's working to shrink my tumors the side effect's are not bad at all. My first scan on cabo will be Nov. 1st. I am expecting good news.

Sometime life is so hard and we can not find answers. I can not imagine losing my mom and finding out my dad had cancer at the same time. God bless you.

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Very glad to hear that Tea. Long may it continue

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I have no first hand experience but as far as I know it's still good news once they use the word "surgery"

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Thank you. I'll keep you informed.

The urologist used the word "surgery" but of course that'll be down to the thoracic surgeon. 

And first of all, we don't even know if it is a met yet. My dad will undergo his PET Scan on Oct 12th and that should tell us. 

Apparently 15mm (about half a inch or just slightly more) is not considered that big of a spot, I didn't know that. 

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