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All systems are Go

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But I'd love a little more warning!  Normal diet, healing rapidly. Tomorrow I start EPIC, 3 days of intraperitoneal chemo using FUDR, a form of 5FU.  2 liters pumped into me belly tomorrow, then one more liter each day on Tuesday and Wednesday. Scared of that because I had rare problems with it lasr time . I'm hoping tomorrow goes more easily. Then done with chemo. No systemic chemo this time.   Hoping to be discharged on the weekend. 


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That is such good news. 

Praying that your treatments do not cause any unusual side effects and that it will all be behind you soon, and you can continue to heal and see another nine year and more, NED. 

Thank you so much for your update. 


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I hope it's going okay.  I get the rare problems too all the time.  Hopefully the weekend will be here before you know it and you'll be done and on your way to the next step in healing for good.

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Sounds like you are going to be sprung quickly.   Thoughts and all best wishes for you to get out of there ASAP. :)

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All is going smoothly. Recovering well from surgery and so far chemo is going smoothly. I hope to be discharged on Saturday.

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Hope things continue to go well and you are home in your own bed tonight!  Best wishes for a speedy recovery.  Traci

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I'm home.  Made it through 2 days of the IP chemo, but couldn't do the 3rd.  Chemical peritonitis again.  My surgeon was shocked to learn that the IP chemo pain was MUCH worse than any of the post-op surgical pain.  It set me back in my recovery to ground 0.

Pathology wasn't completely clean - random malignant cells, not attached to any tumor were found.  My dr will be reviewing the path again and discussing options for knocking down these cells.  Chemo isn't an option, and more surgery wouldn't provide much reassurance, since they are so random.  However, we do know that my tumor is very slow growing, so if something were to materialize from these cells, it would take 5-10 years.  More when I know more.

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Best of luck with getting rid of those buggers. Is there no chemo that's an option for you? I assume you're tried several. I hope they can come up with something to kick it.


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