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Today is my one year anniversary!

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Today is the one year anniversary of my hysterectomy!  My doctor thought he got all the cancer with the surgery and the chemo was a preventative to kill off any other stray cells floating around.  I had two CT scans after surgery and they both showed nothing.  I go in for my checked up next Wednesday and hopefully my oncologist or his PA will confirm that.

Anyway, as of today, I'm showing No Evidence of Disease and I hope it stays that way!!



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Lou Ann M
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I am sure your husband won't mind.  You have gone through a lot this year.  You made it .  Hoping every thing keeps getting better and better.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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Happy Anniversary Eldri!  I started counting my first year with NED after my surgery since it was contained and staged at a 1A.  May you dance with NED forever and may this next year be much easier on you. Continue to heal and get stronger and happier every day forward.

Love and Hugs,


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Happy Anniversary, Eldri!  May you continue to dance with NED!

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and go out for a nice dinner tonight.  Celebrate.  It's a big day!

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Eldri I am so happy for you !!!  May you continue to dance with NED.

Love and Hugs.



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Congratulations and here's to years and years ahead with NED!  (Can't wait to have this new "guy" in my life...LOL)

Cheers, LL

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Love the new picture! Looks like you dressed up for the occasion! 

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Yay - happy anniversary! BTW, you look so beautiful in your new picture! NED looks good on you! Kim

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So happy for you, Eldri! Will pray that NED continues for the rest of your life! :)


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Congrats Eldri!

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Lou Ann M
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i just love your hair.  Looks great

Lou Ann

Red Corvette
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Way to go Miss Eldri! Mrs Red and I had a chuckle and a smile this morning because Mrs Red's hair looks exactly the same as yours, soft wavy and beautiful!

Congratulations on this wonderful milestone for you.


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Edri i love your picture.  May you be NED forever.

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Congratulations!  Hope you have many more years to come.  It is a big step being one year.  May you be NED forever. trish

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