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Abrub Surgery Update

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Surgery lasted 10 1/2 hrs yesterday.  3 surgeons working their specialities.   Lots of tiny dissections to carefully remove the tumor without violating nearby  organs.  The 5 hours in the PACU before being placed in a room at 2:30 in the morning.  Word has it that surgery was successful, but that I will need the IntraPeritoneal chemo after all.  However, due to the complexity of the surgery they can't start that until Monday  Definitely going to be a full 2 weeks in the hospital.  So far, pain management has been good.  I'm exhausted because I got no sleep last night, with alarms from all of the equipment that they had me hooked up to going off every time I dozed, and thus shifted position.  It's hard to comprehend that I was in surgery for so long, but between scar tissue from prior surgeries, location of the tumor, and delicacy involved in reaching it, that's what it took.

I did get up today, and walked 5 laps, following the promised trail of crumbs that Newhere left for me!  Thank you!.  Still waiting for the magic event that will allow me to have food.  So far, no tooting!

Doing well overall, despite exhaustion.  

Can't wait do be on the mend!


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I am shocked you are sane enough to post. How wonderful! And FIVE laps! That is tremendous! 

That is one very long surgery, and you are right, it is hard to comprehend, so best not try. 

With all of that walking, you will be tooting away soon enough. I wish you more than well. 

I hope the long stay doesn't discourage you. Hospital food is not always the best, and the beds.......

Thank you so much for letting us know that you are up and about. 

Continued prayers.


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but you just made my day!


Good going! And keep going!



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so glad to hear/read you. Wishing a speedy recovery and successful chemol. Hope you will get out of the hospital and back into your canoe soon.

Big hugs from Germany

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Wow, I am so happily surprised you are so perky and mobile after that long surgery.  Keep up the good work and attitude and you will be tooting and out of there in no time.  Thanks for the update, always good to read good news.


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Ten and a half hours of surgery and  FIVE laps the next day.  You are my hero! So glad to hear you're  up and about, even if you do make me feel like a wimp. :-)


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You definately are wonder woman!

5 laps is great, but don't over do it, but then I am sure you have great medical support to guide you.

Best wishes for continued good progress and best results from the next stage of treatment.


Marie who loves kitties

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So glad you came through from the long, long surgery.  It's tough, but you're up and walking.  Amazing.  Hope the IP chemo goes well and no complications.  Keep on moving.  Traci

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That is tremendous to hear. Glad the bread crumbs worked out.   When they threatened to put cathereter back in on my first surgery, got a stay by getting coffee.  I am trying to think of what to do for the other thing needed.  Hmmmm.  :)

So great to see you post.  (For some reason the last day and a half I was a bit tired and did some sleep catch-up so was not on-line but was thinking of you.)

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I have been thinking of you and asking about you on the chat. So glad you got moving already. Keep up the good work.

take care, keep us posted



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My dear Alice - you are truely Super-Woman.

Get well!

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I'm a few days away from the 3rd anniversary of my 10 and 1/2 hour surgery, so your ordeal and events of recovery were a stark reminder. I wish you a speedy recovery end especially further resolution of your condition. I will be thinking of you sending good vibes.


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