New Member Vin 2 or 3

I just found I have either Vin 2 or 3. My OB/GYN is sending a fax Ottawa so I can see another Dr to find out exactly what to do next. My Dr I just met him for the first time  6 weeks ago my last OB/GYN left town about 2 years ago and never bothered to look for one. I have Lichen Sclerosis and just keep using ointment for it. But this year it seemed different. I had a small bladder issue so I found my new Dr he does his exam then schedule's me for a biopsy the following week. Just got the results yesterday.

He took 7 millimeters of white stuff from the hood my clitoris for the biopsy. What was different was that there was a lump a size of a small pill on top. I kept pulling it off with tweezers but it kept coming back. I am not sure where else there is some now. Now just waiting for a phone call. I have an autoimmune disease called C.I.D.P not sure how that will affect it/me