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Hello my journey is just beginning.

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from my right frontal lobe. I am 1 week away from starting my treatments of 7 weeks of radiation and chemotherap. I am really  nervous about the chemo part of the treatment  Your still in a fog at least I was when this whole snow ball started rolling.  So let me tell you the whole story from the beginning .  I am a 47-year-old mother of two married going on 22 years to the world's most supporting husband.  A month prior to finding my tumor I was having these really weird pressure headaches weird in the fact that they would only happen after I was sitting down for a while so I get in the car drive 20 minutes to go to the grocery store park walk to the grocery store and like all this pressure would just go to my head and throb it wasn't like a normal headache so I took the normal a migraine medication or ibuprofen just to sort a ease the symptoms  that would last anywhere from 15 minutes to 1/2 hour.  I had been to my primary doctor for my annual physical and I let them know about it they said to keep a two-week headache diary in the check back with me  in 2 weeks  well needless to say we never got to that appointment.   On 28 September we drove to Maine to drop my daughter off at college  that day the pressure headaches wouldn't stop it was constant so needless to say I spent most of the day outside in the shade of a tree with my son  we then decided to drive over to Walmart to get a couple things my daughter needed for her dorm.  When we got back to the college campus we started walking back to her dorm and my left leg went to Jell-O if it wasn't for my son and husband being right near me and probably on my ***  so we turned around and back to the car we went my husband went and got my daughter to come outside to say goodbye to me   So then we started the long drive back too newhapshire I figured if I play down and get some sleep maybe that would help well I'm laying down on the console in the car and we're driving and my  husband has been sent to trying to talk to me to see if I'm OK and I'm trying to answer but nothings coming out and then my right arm starts acting really weird it gets on pins and needles and  numb so my son been googled the symptoms and he thought I was having A stroke. So off to Maine medical we went.  The next thing I remember is my husband telling my son to go get help and then somebody opening the door and pulling me into a wheelchair at the same time all I can think is oh I'm going to be sick and I start throwing up in the parking lot  than I'm in and out I remember going to get a CAT scan and then I am in and out again and when I wake up my sons in the hallway and he comes in and is crying that was probably the hardest time before this whole ordeal started to see your 15-year-old son cryping you're thinking what the hell did they tell you. After they receive the results of the CAT scan I was rushed to Maine medical in Portland were I met my surgeon Dr. Wilson came in and had a consult with me to let me know what's going on I had a peaches sized tumor and some bleeding on my brain and we would be doing surgery on Tuesday to remove it.  So the surgery was a success they were able to remove all of the tumor and they didn't see any residual cancer cells but just to be safe and sound they want me to do seven weeks of radiation with  Timador.  Also after this there is a new device  called optune that attaches to your head and is hooked up to a battery pack. It omits electronic impulse to my area of the brain where the tumor was to battel the cancer cells I will wear this 18 hours a day for 2 years also I will get M.R.I to check on tumor growth As I said before I had a consult with the neurosurgeon and tuffs  medicine  school in Boston  she is the one who's recommending the radiation in the timajor for my course of treatment but it was also new and you're still absorbing the fact that when I had cancer so since then me and my husband are doing a lot of reading and research  has anybody had any luck with all natural treatments?  I guess I'm reading you can educate yourself but you can also scar the crap out of your self as well.  I've read things like well the patient would've died anyways but the chemo just made them go sooner  if you don't mind me asking anybody who's done this course of treatment how was it for you?  my dosing for the Tiimador is 140 mg seven days a week and I do radiation five days a week thank you for any imput you have that will help me in understanding my next steps in treatment

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Hi Kathy,

In 2012 at the age of 68 I got a brain lymphoma cancer tumour in my cerebellum which was inoperable. It vanished completely after three four day rounds of chemo. After that I got high dose chemo and then autologous stem cell transplant, in order to remove possible micro methastases (invisible daughter tumours). Then I took temodar 250 grams a day four days every month for two years, to prevent a relapse. Now I am OK with only a slight neuropathy (slight numbness) in my feet which is no problem at all. I am about as strong, fit, and healthy as before my disease.

You can take your treatment with confidence. Good luck!


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