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New Here Again (Add Lung Cancer and Surgery To List)

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Found this board at the beginning of 2015 when diagnosed with Stage IIIC Colon Cancer, which was found when it looked like I had another cancer.  Well one of the spots of concern in my lungs grew in the last year (double in size from May to August). Met with Surgeon last month. Pretty sure that it is lung cancer and not a met from CRC nor a benign growth.  Having wedge done later this week.  Read through some posts in this area, good advice. 

Kind of weird feeling going through this again.  Still have fingers crossed that maybe benign growth but doubt it..

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How did your surgery turn out if you don't mind. They talked to me about lower lobectomy today. Previous cancer survivor also.


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Hello, I am a anal cancer and lung cancer survivor.  I had my right lower lobe removed via vats on 9-23-10.  It wasn't a met as there was no hpv in it like what was in the anal cancer.  I was stage 1a nomo.  No chemo/rad required.  So far so good, my next lung ct is 11-7.

NewHere I would like to know how it went also, and like you said hope it was benign, and not a met.




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