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I just had my (4) year scan;

diagnosed & surgery July '12 RCC 5.5, Stage 1, Grade 1 - right full neph done. 

I've had a very small cyst that has been about the same size. In the past year it grew a very small amount ( I think 2-3mm to 18x15 ) so they've ordered an ultrasound to make sure. The report said, 'still consisitent with a cyst..same shape, etc., recommend a follow up ultrasound...'

More specifically.....

Additional info from the report:

"There is a low attentuation lesion along the midpole anteriorly measuring about 18x15 mm. This measures slightly larger than previous. Hounsfield units however suggest this is only a simple cyst. Ultrasound can be confirmatory."



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These measurements measure  3 dimentional objects and a variance of a mm or 2 here and there  can be nothing. At least ets hope so for now



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Simple cysts are good to have, if you've got to have anything.  Just a little fluid in there, but not the bad kind.  Woot!

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** update

I don't have a copy of the report back from the ultrasound on my left kidney & my bladder, but the verbal from the PA is, the report shows that it's a cyst, nothing more. No follow up needed. ** I'll post exact language when I receive the actual report. 

-- not sure why it's growing, even if it's a very small amount.

-- what are the odds these cysts change & become something else? 

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I know for sure that cysts are easily recognizable on CT and ultrasound. So if docs say it is simple cyst - I bet it is really a cyst. And cysts do grow. But, as Iceman said, couple of mm can be simply be a variance in measurements. Just check how much is 2 mm, and you'll see it's nothing

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Measurements are never exact unless the scan is done by the same technician on the same machine and the results are interpreted by the same physician. I have a cyst on each kidney that we're watching and from what I hear they're very common.

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as always, I really appreciate the feedback and support.

Happy to have a NED report. God has blessed me yet again. Amen & Amen! 

Thank you. 


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This is good to hear, adman.  Blessings indeed!


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I've heard cysts are very common and get more common as we age. That's part of the reason for reduced kidney function with age.

Small changes in size like this can be from sampling error on the scan (the machines are only accurate to ~1mm depending on slice size), or even slightly different body orientation during the scan.

Seems like nothing to worry about.

Good news! Woohoo!


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