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Hello fellow fighters. I though I'd drop in and share a couple things..,

In my onc's recommendation I read "The Obesity Code."  This was a very interesting view on fighting weight gain. I think it also ties into fighting against cancer recurrence too. Has anyone else read this book?


Also, there is a telethon on tonight to help raise funds for cancer research and fighting cancer. See http://www.su2cshow.org for more info.


Also wondering if anyone else in this forum has researched www.fightCRC.org?   Sevens like this org is really trying to increase awareness of CRC and promote colonoscopies. I really think they have and will make a huge difference for many people touched by this disease.


Oh yah. Almost forgot. ;-) 


Another NED report this September. Next visit in December.



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So good to see you here. 

The book sounds interesting and I will pop onto Amazon and check it out. 

No Happy Dancing Man until the forum fixes its problems, but you deserve one with your NED report. How wonderfuil is that, after all you have been throught. CONGRATUALTIONS!


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Posts: 838
Joined: Apr 2012

I am super busy between work, a sixteen year old with a broken legg -- sideline on crutches instead of playing, And super busy at work as well. 

But I do pray every night for all on this network, fellow fighters. And I try to pop in the forum from time to time as well.

Light and Love to everyone.

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Hmmm now images are not orking properly.  BUT CONGRATS!!

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NED is always welcome!

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Glad to hear you're doing well and keepig busy.  Happy dance!  Traci

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to hear those three letters N.E.D!



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