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Update IL 2 Again

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Sorry it has been a while it has been crazy around here lately.

Patrice and I are awaiting the results of my CT scan from last week but it does not look good. I say this because the same day I had the scan afterwards when I got home I reached for a cup of water and I heard a loud crack and then I had extreme pain in my left shoulder and arm. The ER doctor said I fractured my left shoulder and that it happened because my cancer has entered my bones so things are not looking good.  I hope that everyone else is doing well.




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Man, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you get relief from the pain and injury. Radiation really helped my bone metastasis.

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First of all, I'm sorry to hear this.  I've been following your story since I joined the site.  I just feel like rhominator describes--"DANG"!  I sure hope your scans look beter than you are expecting.  I'll be praying for you.


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I hope the results are better than the side effects. Your relationship with IL2 has been inspiring. Let us know when you get the results of your scan. We're rooting for you man.

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show better news than what you are describing.  Im really rooting for you.  I admire your strenght and I so want for things to take a turn for the better for you,  you have had enough of hard times, I never hear you complain.  Be well Mark, I very much wish you!

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Mark, first of all, I am sorry for what happened with your shoulder; depending on your CT scan tomorrow, radiation may be a good option. 

The treatments you have had so far do not impact bones so the options are either surgery, radiation or both.

please let us know the results and don't despair; there are options 


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So sorry to read this, was truly hoping for better news.

You are such an inspiration and I will continue to pray for you,


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I keep my fingers crossed for you, Mark!

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Sorry to hear about your shoulder.  Geesh, trying to do your kidneys a favor and keep 'em hydrated and it sure didn't go according to plan.  Do keep us posted.

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