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Need help with multiple basal cell carcinomas

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A few years ago I had two BCC's removed using the MOHS procedure.  But since April 2016 I have had more than 30 spots that my dermatologist has burned off and five that have been biopsied and came back positive for BCC.  These five have been treated with the MOHS procedure.  Friday I received the results of my sixth biopsy and it is also positive but this time my dermatologist gave me the choice between MOHS and radiation.  

My concern is the number of spots I've had in such a short time.  Should my doctor be taking a more proactive, preventative approach with the number of BCCs I've had?  The ones that I've had MOHS to treat have been infiltrative ones and have needed 4-5 layers cut out.  

I'm just getting really concerned with the amount I have.  

Has anyone experienced anything similar and should I be concerned?

Thank you!!


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I have had a lot of basal cell burned off of face, hand and arms. I had one Squamous cell removed from my hand by MOHS. my doctor finally prescribed me a Chemo cream called fluorouracil. I put it on my face and hands 2 times a day for 2 weeks.  The cream worked great. Ask your doctor about it.

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Hubby has had this for years (15) and has used the chemo cream to help clear it up.  Even though it doesn't get all of it, it gets the majority which is certainly a help.  I would ask your doctor about it.

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Use chemo cream do not do radiation. Try to build up your immune system . You are probably deficient iin vitamin D.

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