B cell lymphoma


my dad was just diagnosed with B cell lymphoma. He is 70 years old and always and active man

The cancer is so aggressive that right now they are fighting to keep his organs from failing before they can actually treat the cancer itself. He has gone into renal failure and is on 24 hour dialysis. They are working on keeping his liver from failing. I am getting married in 8 months and all my dad keeps saying (when he is out of delirium bc the toxins have built up in his body due to renal failure ) is he will be able to walk me down the Aisle. I don't even want to continue planning my wedding.  I'm so scared for my dad.  I see him and this is not my dad   he is so frail and so sick.  I just want him back. We are from New York but stuck in Seattle where this all happened and too sick for him to go home   I am scared for when he starts treatment and what it will do to him  I just want my dad to be alive and I want him to be with me at my wedding   he is the rock of the family and this is so hard on all of us




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    Keep hope alive

    Very sorry to hear this. If in Seattle, I hope that he is being treated at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. My hematologist there has saved my life at least three times since 2008. I would not cancel everything just yet, but clearly helping your dad in any way you can is primary. Simply spending time with him is the best thing that you can do about now. There is an immeasureable effect on the human body and spirit which comes from simply being loved. You have already helped him more than you know.

    If you are the praying type, then dive in. I credit prayer for my multi-recoveries. If not, then hope a lot and spend time just holding his hand. It may appear to be near the end, but that is not always true. There is resilience in the human body, no matter the age.   

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    my heart is with you, and I

    my heart is with you, and I hope your dad can hang in there. Hugs

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    I know only to well what your going through.....

     I'm so sorry for you.  The most valuable gift you can gift is your time.  Your father is young and like po18guy said this may not be the end and the body is resilient.  I'm the praying type and seen Gods grace first hand so I would dive in myself, if not be present and hang in there.  Try to listen to him, be positive.

    My father was diagnosed three weeks after I was with a very aggressive cancer and was very ill.  I thought I saw the end but he lived 15 months after that.  The year before that my brother had a massive heart attack.  Died in front of me and revived in front of me.  He was brought back 21 times.  He's alive and well today.  No brain damage from being down so long.  You never know.

    You both are in my prayers, keep a clear head and try to stay strong and be good to yourself.