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Small cell lung cancer extended

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I was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer with a large mass in the upper lobe of my left lung along with lesions on my liver in late May and started chemotherapy in early June.  I just got re-scanned and the mass in my lung is nearly gone and the lesions on my liver are smaller and fewer. I am currently undergoing my 5th cycle out of 6. On the one hand I am happy about the progress but feeling scared the remaining 2 cycles won't completely get rid of it.  Any input?   

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Every person is different

my mother has had a schedule of three days off chemo, three weeks off for over a year.  Her small cell lung cancer is also extensive.  It has spread to her bone and brain.  With treatment she is down to two small tumors in her lungs.  She also got her first break off from chemo.  At least thirty days, maybe more.  For her hydration is key.

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5 years ago my mother was diagnoised with small cell lung and they told her she only had 4 months to live.  They offered her pallative care is all.  She lived 4 months and it spread to her breast and her brain.  So I think doctors have come a long way in this type of cancer.  I pray for peace for all and long years ahead of good health.


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I have completed 6 cycles of chemotherapy.  My scan showed nothing in my lung and only one small spot on my liver which they could not tell if it was residual lesion or scar tissue.  I have been accepted in a clinical trial for an immunotherapy drug called Keytruda and just got my second infusion today.  Feeling great.    

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Any updates lee How is immunotherapy going?

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I hear wonderful things about it. Keep us posted!

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