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Still kicking

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Ya know, after the fear wears off, so many of us drift away from these foums. Numerous reasons, but one that holds true for me is that I am reluctant to think about it so much. I fear that perhaps this tendancy leads new members to new fears - where are the older members? I know I used to think that when I was a newbie...

At any rate, I am happy to report that I am still alive and kicking with NED so far. My left kidney was removed 9/2012 due to ccRcc. a big ole honking 12cm tumor. Haven't quite hit the 5 year mark yet, but I am getting there.

Be well folks.

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Being 4 years NED with such a large tumor is a lot more than 10 or 15 years NED with a little buggar. Go out and celebrate.




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That was a big ole honker!!  Fear not.  My surgery (partial) was done 10/05/2012, (that would be October 5th, for those that it's written otherwise) although I didn't find this forum till earlier this year.  Wish I'd known of it sooner because it has helped me immensely!!

Now get out there and celebrate life Joe!!


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Hello Joe!

Great to hear your good news! Way to go!



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Ceonderful result! Mine was 10 cm, so your report brings peace to my mind too.

Thanks for sharing your long term NED news


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Mine was 10cm 3 and a bit years ago. Meet you at 5 years!

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wonderful news.
Would you mind me asking what the tumour grade was?

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Glad to hear that someone with a big tumor is still NED. Mine was 11cm

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I do not always come back to write on here because i try not to think of  the cancer I had , It was my right kidney remove BY lap and it has been a little over 2yrs , however I do think of you all on here hoping each one of you are NED. 

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All of you need to post more. Spread the karma. you don't need problems to post. Good stuff too.

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I had my right kidney removed 5 years ago and I now have the all clear. I am feeling well and have no problems with only one kidney.

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Good news that your are still cancer free after 5 years. Right kidney was removed Dec 2005, I was in remission for 9 years before I was told the cancer was back and had metastasized. Eat healthy and be active is my best advise. 

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Always so great to hear good NED news!

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Glad to hear you are doing well!

Hey, we're here to celebrate good news too, Joe!

Hugs, Jan

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