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So nervous!

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Mum's chemo starts this friday. Onco has said very little chance of it working. Her breathing airways are quite a bit blocked with tumours. High dose of steroids and continous oxygen is just keeping her going. It has been a tough 18 month journey but we never lost sight of hope. But now i dont know where hope has gone hiding. So struggling to even pray! This is the hardest thing in life to watch a loved one suffer so much that they cant even breathe!! I am so hoping mum does become a statistic of one and recovers!!

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Im so sorry that you are nervous and not feeling hope.  I hope your feeling more hope soon

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I give you my prayers of comfort and healing.  Diya, you are right, she is a unique individual and at this time statistics are not to be worried about.  Fight the fight and keep up the positive support of her.  If there were no chance that the chemo would help, they would not give it to her.  I wish so much I could give or do or say something that could help you and your mom but all I can offer are my prayers and God's help.  Take care dear lady and know we are all praying for both of you

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Lou Ann M
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sending my prayers ,too.  Lou Ann

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Sending hope to you when you can't find it within yourself and strength when you feel weak.  Know that just being with your mom is the most important thing you can do to support her now.

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Sending prayers!

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Diya, Adding my support and sending you strength to continue to support your mom in her fight.

So sorry you both are having to go through this.

Love and Hugs,


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Your mum is starting chemo on Friday = she is willing to keep fighting. She is currently taking steroids and is on oxygen = she is fighting today. She is fighting = hope is inside of her. She has not given up. Your mum is a fighter! She can do this!!

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Thankyou for your positive words. Must admit its very hard to feel positive right now. My heart is sinking! I do hope a miracle happens soon!

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Diya, I like what you said at the end of your first post.  Many people on this board have reminded me to give myself credit for the good things i am doing.  At times This cancer beast gets me down and i dont see the good things i am aleady doing. The last thing you said was that you hope that your mum does become a statistic of one that recovers. You sound like you have hope.  Maybe it feels small but i think you giving yourself creit for that can help you.  This stuff is hard and you are doing great to just admit where you are.

With lots of love and hugs.


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This is my prayer that I say (a hundred times a day!) for myself and everyone else:

The light of God surrounds you

The love of God enfolds you

The power of God protects you

The presence of God watches over you

Wherever you are, God is.

Hugs and Hope, - Helen

Posts: 93
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I will remember these words when i feel down again!




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