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Active Surveillance continues

hopeful and opt...
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Results are back


Total 19 cores taken

Positive Prostate Biopsy Cores in Target Biopsies:

(these cores were prior positives in systematic biopsies)

Gleason 3+4=7  4mm  (5 % Gleason pattern 4) occupying 30% of biopsy tissue

Gleason Grade 3+3=6 involving 1 of 2 cores, measuring 1 mm, occupying 5% of biopsy tissue

Gleason Grade 3+3=6 invoving 1 of 1 core, measuring 2.5 mm, occupying 10% of biopsy tissue


Positive Biopsy Cores in Systematic Biopsies  


PSA  4/19/16

PSA, Total   4.7

PSA, % Free   19










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The subject of your thread confirms your wish in continuing with AS. Congratulations on that. These last exam results have not alter since the last ones: three cores positive with similar grades. I wonder about the present PSA. The one you describe is from April, though it took it 6 years (72 months) for doubling. The involvement percentage of the core with grade 4 is now 30%, a slightly bigger value than the one before but this is irrelevant as it is conditional to any tiny angle the needle may have taken this time.

Best wishes




Old Salt
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More to follow, I hope

hopeful and opt...
Posts: 2336
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Thanks for the comments. 

I'm very happy with the results.

Posted, so new men reading this can have an example of a long term survival with AS.

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Congratualtions.  you are correct in saying that long term surivival, and even high quality life, can be available, sometimes in even what seems to be the most difficult cases.  Keep up the good work.  love, swami rakendra

Will Doran
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H & O,

Congratulations on your latest test results.  Best wishes for continued results like this.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Peace and God Bless


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I am happy for you too.


hopeful and opt...
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Joined: Apr 2009

Thanks again

Max Former Hodg...
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Hopeful and Optimistic,

When I had the need to begin here at the Prostate Board about three years ago, you were one of the Pillars of this community, and the Voice of detailed information on Active Survelliance.  You stilll are: May that continue to be the case for the next twenty years.  While A/S was not best suited to me, you have helped innumerable men here, some who have written, some who have not.


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I'd like to echo the sentiments of Max, and congratulate you on the results. May it continue this way for many years to come. Thanks again for all the good work you do here at the forum. 

A toast to you H&O!!

hopeful and opt...
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Thanks for the kind words.................I hope that all of us will be healthy and active for many years to come.

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I never considered active surveillance.  I know that I could not continue to live w/a Gleason 7 diagnosis w/o "doing something" about it and marvel at your (H&O's) ability to do so.  Here's wishing you continued good luck in this regard! 

hopeful and opt...
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My doc tells me that I have a small amount of  Gleason 4,and am eligible to continue with AS.....I guess that it's true since I had 6 biopsies, and approximately 100 cores..(.I wonder how much of my prostate is left, lol).

At any rate, I am 73 now, and centers of excellence such as John Hopkins, and UCLA routinely continue patients with Active Surveillance with 3+4=7, who are older than 70.

It's interesting about perspective....when I was first diagnosed, I was afraid to have treatment, especially surgery.......at that time, I didn't know very much about cyberknife...............if I am treated cyberknife is  my choice

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Active surveylance is a crock of bull.   The cancer could evolve over night.  Do the radiation and the seeds and kill it it.  Sure some people don't have to worry about slow growing PC.  But, are you one ?  Maybe and maybe not.  And when you find out you're not then you're in deep trouble.  So I think pro-active is the way to go.  Surgery at a young age and radiation and seeds for the older guys.  And the radiation/seeds is a breeze.   The hormone shots are not a problem ( mostly annoying ).  In humble opinion just get it done and forget active surveylence. Which I think is for the birds.

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I do not think that your comments would change anything in Hopeful's wishes. His 6 years on Active Surveillance fits his case and he is an example that many would love to follow but has not the guts to do it. "AS" does not equal to "doing nothing" or even it doesn't imply a careless way to treat PCa. It involves a sort of a "military-like regimen" of harsh vigilance along the years, before the patient commits to one of the therapies you are suggesting, if ever. And this is where AS patients become the winners; they can enjoy quality living free of the risks of radical treatments and the side effects while actively monitoring any advancement of the disease, apart from gaining the opportunity of choosing among the newer and better techniques of treatments which were nonexistent at the time of their diagnosis.

I agree that we should be pro-active (your words) when found with the cancer but that includes AS along with the radicals. The old method of WW (Watchful Waiting) which mainly signified to treat when symptoms emerged, is now absolute and changed into the regimen of constant tests and exams (AS motto). This is the modern way of thinking since the start of the symptomless high PSA age. We all agree to treat but the timing is controversial. Earlier does not guaranty cure. Delaying treatment is also controversy and puts those who believe in "AS" against those would believe in "Symptoms firstly" (WW). This is a matter for discussion by the new US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) in charge of re-evaluating the PSA Testing decision of 2012. Please read this;


Best wishes,


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