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Two years passed

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Thursday was the second anniversary of a surgery which I consider as my second birthday. So, happy birthday to healthy me! My hubby surprised me by a bouquet of flowers and two tickets to my favorite singer's concert for the same evening.I had such a wonderful evening out with the sweetest msn in the world thinking how miserable I felt two years ago and how the real future is different from what I imagined.
I'm posting this for all those terrified stressed out newbies who are on an emotional roller coaster right now.
Hey guys, I feel you, I've been there and let me tell you that believe it or not, time helps, and you'll emotionally feel much better.
I couldn't trust those who kept telling me I would laugh again as it seemed impossible to live a normal life knowing the possibility of recurrence But now, two years later, the diagnosis is sure on my mind but can't make me feel down most of the time. I still have scanxiety, every cough, pain or ache makes me remember that possibility but meanwhile I know I can't do any good by being worried all the time and this new perspective is what I learned from this terrible experience.
Many members join as soon as they know about their diagnosis and after some months once they're get back on track they have no reason to post anymore, so don't worry if many of members are new ones, it could be translated as good news.
Thanks to those who are always here to help each and every one of us, icemantoo, fox, footstomper, Brenda, Jojo,Apny, Jan4you, sblaric, Allochka, Jack, .......
RIP dear Dijinie,Nanosecond...
Wishing everyone a long happy healthy life

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May you have many happy returns :-)

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Happy 2nd Birthday to you!!  Sounds like you had a wonderful evening out wiith  your  hubbie ;))

I just love hearing stories like Yours! 




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Keep those years coming and don't stop.



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Happy Anniversary and 2nd Birthday!

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Congratualations, Forough! 


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hundred more.

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Great news! 

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Sweetie I am so touched that you posted this great news~!

AND..you have such a wonderful, thoughtful hubby!

Thanks for giving all of us continued hope as WE connect to one another~

Hugs, Jn

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Happy to you and many years of health & happiness in your future.  I too have learned so much about life and how to cope with challenges, although sometimes I handle them better than others, too bad it took this "adventure" to grant me this wisdom.

So happy for you Forough,


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yea congrats to you , you come along way baby , keep up the cheers and encourging others on here , even though it has been alittle over 2yrs for me , i still get anxious as like the rest ,but reading this positive boards gives me courage to go on. THinking of you and the rest on here . 

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IT has been 2 and a half yrs for me as well , thanks for the positve encourging words . I try not to think of the year 2014 but it does come and go . and i get a little depressed than I read the board on here and feel alot better .Thanks to all the peeps on here who gave me courgage. and thank you for your posts.

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Congrats on your two year anniversary! Wishing yoou a lifetime of NED!

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Happy second birthday to you! Sounds as though you had a super-celebratory day.

May the next year be one filled with blessings and surprises of only the best kind (Actually, that would be a wonderful year for each of us)!

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It is always nice to hear good news. Beautiful posts everyone.

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wonderful. I remember your struggle at first. You have given me a lot of hope.  I am so happy for you.  May more years be NED.  xo

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congratulations!!!!! So glad to hear time healed you! And expect to get a note from you on your 40th anniversary (at least :-) maybe on 50th :-))


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What great news! Congratulations!



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Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement.

Wishing this trends goes on for all our members

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So very happy for you!   Let me too second your words for the newbies. Next month I will also be celebrating my 2nd Birthday and everything you have writen I second and relate to almost 100%  What was the scariest time of my life when I could not dare myself to think of a future or making plans, has with time given way to getting back a great joy in life and a much more relaxed state of mind.  Newbies, things will start looking brighter soon, give yourselves some time!

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