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Not the type of survivor we're looking for?!

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I recently had a startling email from a non profit event director. See I'm a painter andwas browsing Craigslist for art gigs to get my paintings out there. I stumble across what I thought was a perfect gig. They were looking for artists to do demonstrations and donate pieces for a local event to help raise money for childhood cancer research. As a survivor of ALL at one year I thought it was a perfect fit. So I emailed the guy/gal that I was a local artist and cancer survivor happy to help.  

  He seemed interested and asked if I wouldn't mind sharing my story at the event. I said I wouldn't mind At all. I explained that my story was different in that I didn't have a lot of information on my actual treatment and how it affected my family cause I was adopted post treatment and didn't really have contact with my birth family. But could tell what it's like after treatment and the struggles and truimphs I faced growing up Post cancer.  But That wasn't good enough apparently and he sent me a one off email stating that I wasn't what they were looking for. I asked why, as most people would, and he never emailed me back despite four progessive more angmet emails.

  So I was talking with my friend about it and later and she asked if they were trying to make money and I said yes and she said she wasn't surprised and explained that. When they ask for a speaker they wantEd someone whose going to say " having cancer sucked but now that I'm cured everythings sunshine and rainbows" (which Im sure many of you can attest to isn't the case).  I for one was apaulled and thought she must be being pessimistic about it. So I started doing research and found out that this seems to be true in a lot of cases. 

  So long story short my discussion question is. Why Are people so afraid to talk about  after struggles.  I think it has something to do with the everything's gonna be okay if we just don't talk about it, mentality.  The other question is what's the worst reaction you've ever gotten to your cancer story?

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