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Treatment Options

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I need your help! My husband has RCC and it moved to his lungs and brain. He had radiation on the 2 lesions that were found on his brain. He had his left kidney removed July 25. It was 9.5 cm. And now we have to start treatment on his lungs. At the last scan there was 3 spots on each lung the largest on the left side. 

The oncologist today told us about treatments. He can either do IL-2 (Interleukin) which is very aggressive, or he can take Sunitinib or Pazopanib and then the oncologist said something about Nivolumab. 

We need advice since we just don't know what way to go.

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You and your husband have been hit pretty hard ... and in such a short period of time.  From my experience (and there are different ways that people view the advantages of different treatment options), I would rely on my oncologist for advice in this important situation.  Also, I would likely visit the oncologist who I've used a couple of times for a second opinion.  Hopefully, I'd see some agreement from those two doctors as to the best treatment alternative.  That's just me and how I'd deal with your situation.  My advantage is that my disease (stage 4) was discovered over three years ago and I have had plenty of time to develop a strong level of trust in my two oncologists. You may not be at that point yet where you are totally comfortable with your doctor.

While I can't begin to advise you as to which of your treatment options is best, I do offer you my prayers for wisdom in the situation.  Best wishes for you.


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I agree with Dutch, and you should be guided by your Doctors. Well done tho', when I was first diagnosed (Stage 4, Grade 4 10cm, on the kidney with mets in the lungs) all I heard was the dread word CANCER! The rest was just words.....

That was May 1st 2013 and I (like Dutch) am still here. In fact I'm off in a minute to get some radiation for a met in my lungs. I've had 3 of your 4 options, IL2, Nivomulab, and Sutent, but which is best for you depends entirely on you and your doctors.

The only advice I can give you is this: generally stay off the internet MOST OF THE INFORMATION THERE IS EITHER OUT OF DATE CRAZY OR BOTH.  Be guided by your doctors

Crazily this is the best time to get cancer (I'm not recommending it tho') because new treatments are coming online every week. I believe that Cancer is going the same way as AIDS in the '90s and changing from a terminal to a chronic condition.

Good luck, keep in touch and tell us how you are getting on.

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Here a link to a resource regarding treatment options that you might find helpful:

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