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Another post-cancer question...

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I am experiencing two things that are concerning me, and I wonder if I should call the doctor regarding it, or just figure it is because my body went through hades:

1.  I had a pleural effusion before my cancer diagnosis, and had the fluid removed.  In the area where they put the needle I am feeling some pressure.  I wouldn't call it pain, as it is not painful at all.  Just feels kind of numb, or like someone is touching me from the inside (if that makes sense).


2. I have some generalized aches and pains.  Not anything significant.  And just like the pressure I feel in my ribs, it's not anything I would take medication for.  

Both things I am able to function normally.  I am running 2-3 miles five days week starting about 5 weeks ago, and I walk about 10,000 steps above that.  I don't have any fatigue.  I feel great other than those things.

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Wow Jodi - That is impressive! I'm happy to get my 10,000 steps in and flights of stairs, which INCLUDES my active work outs. lol

If you are concerned, by all means call the doctor. It is probably just healing pains but why worry? I still get strange pains sometimes but they go away. Also, my scar where I had my port still bothers me. I just think it takes our bodies a long time to get over all of the trauma it went through.  And who knows how many nerves they hit during the procedures?

Take care and I'm so glad you are doing well.

Love and Hugs,


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Thanks.  I was active through most of chemo.  But my CA-125 is elevated (I had ovarian cancer, not uterine, no one over at OVCA site answers questions), so I'm skert...  Anyway, I feel really, really good.  Better than I have since before my diagnosis, so I'm hoping this is just normal recovery pains.

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