Colon cancer spread to ovaries and lungs

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Hi , I am 48 years old in may of this year I had 2 large tumors  and a few lymphnodes removed they thought was Ovarian cancer. After masses were tested it cam back as colon cancer and sure enough i went for colonoscpy and have a tumor in my colon.

I was then sent for a ct scan that revealed nodules in my lungs and one in my liver.

in two days i am going to get a IVAD put in and then start chemo (FOLFOX) in a week.

The medical oncologist says i have 2 years to live if i do the chemo ( i dont like him)

Is there anyone with similar cancer that can show me my oncologist is wrong.

I will live longer then 2 years and i will beat this!



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    I don't like your onc. either

    I don't like your onc. either. People have lived and are living ten years and more with stage IV colon cancer, some of them log in here regularly. I'm just about nine years with two reoccurances in my liver. Don't let anybody give you a time frame, they're just guessing, read some of the stories here, and keep the faith.......................Dave

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    Screw The Stats

    Sorry you are here, but welcome to the boards. Get a second or third opinion and make sure you find the best you can get.  I am out 18 months now from Stage IIIC  (I may have a met now) and went through chemo.  I am older than you and my doctors are that based on my health (I am in good health but for this) and age that anything that comes up, they can take care of.  They said this from Day 1, even with things that showed on scans which may or may not have been mets to my liver and lungs.  The one to the lungs in the last week looks like it may be cancer.  They said they will take care of it and I should be fine.  They do not stick their heads in the sand and make everything perfectly rosie, but they come from a very positive position.


    Hang in there.

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    Sounds like my appendix cancer diagnosis

    Please get a second opinion,  and get with an oncologist you trust.  Folfox is probably right,  but you want to make sure nothing else is missed.   HIPEC or EPIC (intraperitoneal chemo) might be a consideration.


    Stage 4 appendix cancer,dx'd 2007.

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    Been there, done that!

    Hi BWD,

    I know how you feel and yes I did have colon cancer that spread to my right ovary and both lungs. If you read my " About Me " you will understand. I do not usually comment on many of these post but yours is quite similar so I hope I can give you some encouragement to think positive and fight this with all you have. Good Luck and find a doctor who will help you, not give you an expiration date.

    God Bless,  Kandy 

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    Mine is very similar to yours except it spread to lungs and lymph nodes in stomach. I was told 9 months w/o treatment and 2 yrs with. My main concern is diaherra that is causing me to lose weight every week. I wish you the best and look forward to comparing notes. Maybe we can help each other.

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    definitely get a new oncologist and a second opinion.  And I agree with Dave... No one should give you a time line. 

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    I am joining the I don't like

    I am joining the I don't like your oncologist club. Who does he think he is deciding how long you will live? He has no idea what your body is capable of or what advances will happen. Is he a psychic or doctor? I say go to a different doctor.  One who can offer you solutions and encouragement.