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Happy days!

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I know Dad still has a long road ahead of him. He is such a strong man. I am so proud of my Dad. I can not even imaging what it is like to fight a battle like this.

His blood counts are back up... he got the feeding tube out this morning YEAH!! His oncologist is very happy with how well the chemo is working.

We are going to put him on antibiotics after chemo for 10 days, to help prevent him from getting c-diff and ending up in the hospital.


I just wanted to share this small victory that is huge for me and my Dad. 


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Glad to read the good news on your dad. I hope he continues to improve. 

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Every victory is huge when on this journey, so please continue to share. Good news inspires us all!

I also wound up taking antibiotics after each chemo in order to stay out of the hospital. Not fun, but it worked. I never had to go to the hospital again. I hope it works for your Dad too.




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