Three years and NED!

Skagway Jack
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Folks,   Just wanted to pass on the NED torch while the Olympics is still rolling.  I had my three year scans this last week and all is well.  They did a MRI with contrast this time, vice the CT last year,  but it all looks good according to the report.  I hope I can pass on the NED torch to the next up for scans.  Good luck one and all!!!!!





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    Gotta love passing on the torch!

    Loving your good news, Jack!! Let's keep the torch going!



  • stub1969
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    Jack--Congratulations!  I pray for continued good results for you!


  • Trebor27
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    Awesome news.

  • Ree_Maryland
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    Thanks for the update and so happy you are doing well. keep it up .

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    Happy for you!.  


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    Your orders from the Iceman are to go out and not stop until you put a 0 after that 3.



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    Good going Jack!


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    Good deal Jack!

    Good deal Jack!

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    Awesome news Jack!!

    So happy for you.


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    Great News

    Congratulations time to celbrate brother.


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    Fantastic News!

    Hope you are celebrating!

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    That's Great Jack!!

    Congrats to you buddy! So wonderful to hear. Here is to forever NED!

  • Skagway Jack
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    Many Thanks

    Thanks everyone for the warm wishes.  I hope my good fortune will pass on to all of you, and if you are not NED you are at least trending that way.  I dont contribute here as often as I should, but I try to stay up on things going on with the folks of this fine forum.   I wish you all the best!


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    Next scans in October.  Pass that torch baby!

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    I hope we can all hope to match your achievements

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    Thanks for sharing this news

    Thanks for sharing this news and congratulations

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    Excellent news! Congrats! you

    Excellent news! Congrats! you all are the champions!

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    Fantastic news! Very happy to

    Fantastic news! Very happy to see NED reports here :)

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    Great news

    That is good news Jack. God bless you

  • JerzyGrrl
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    So good to hear

    It's so good to hear about your THREE years' NED scan.  All the best -- !