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Oligodendroglioma MRI Results

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I had my latest MRI two weeks ago and the Doctor, a fellow and 3 residents reviewed my results and said there was no indication of any disease.  My hospital also sends out the MRI result report in their MyChart system.
When I looked at the report today it said there was a region that was "suspicious for recurrent disease" there was a slight increase compared to the 6 months prior but a more significant increase compared to a year ago from 5mm X 4mm to 7mm X 4mm in the nodular enhancing focus and a change in the T2 Flair intensity.
I'm freaking out and won't be able to talk to the doctor until at least tomorrow.  Has anyone else had a similar report?  If so, was it something like scar tissue or was it really recurrent disease.  If it was disease, what kind of treatment did they recommend?

Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma diag. 6/2011 (1p19q deletions, IDH1 mutation)

Full resection July 2011

9 months BCNU chemo.

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