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Tips for dealing with post-op gas pain

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I'm being scheduled for a laproscopic surgery late next month to do another pelvic wash after I'm finished with chemo to be certain I'm ok not having radiation therapy before starting on hormone therapy. I'm hearing a lot about gas pain following this procedure, especially moving up to the shoulders, and I am looking for any tips that anyone may have to offer on how to minimize them or get rid of them sooner. So far I've found this link:


Any comments or suggestions would be very welcome!

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the things that seemed to help the most were walking, even short distances, and re-positioning myself in bed.  Lying on my side was most helpful, but there were some nights when I just got out of bed and got on the couch to find a more comfortable position, whatever weird position that might have been.

That article had a lot of good suggestions that I had not heard before, so they might be worth a try. 

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Chewable Gas-X helped relieve the gas paisn that traveled up to my shoulder blade after my surgery. It took two chewable pills but did the trick. Hope your surgery goes well. Kim

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This was the only thing that worked for me. I was in so much gas pain 3 weeks after surgery, that I was afraid to start chemo. I had tried chewable gas-relievers, but got in to see my doctor who told me to get Prilosec. It turned out that I also had a UTI, so had to postpone chemo another week. But the Pilosec did away with the gas pain.

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No gas pain at all for me.  Maybe you'll be lucky!!!! 



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i didn't have any either.  In fact, I was amazed at how little postop pain I had.  I switched to Tylenol the second day.

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I'll be sure to have the Gas X or Prilosec on hand in case I need to try them, but maybe because it's a shorter procedure than a hysterectomy I might get off easy on this one. I like to be prepared, in any case! Thank you all!

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