Adult fight with DIPG

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Just to add to discuss my sister age 22 is diagnosed with a dipg and i am not able to find the same case in previous three months , if any one is in the same fight please help and share


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    ajaysingh, my husband has been diagnosed with in operable DIPG, he is 60 years old.  Been fighting this for 6 months.  30 rounds of radiation with chemo and continued increased dose of chemo oral  5 days each month.  The tumor is not growing, but not shrinking, either.  How is your sister doing?

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    I'm in my 20s and was

    I'm in my 20s and was recently diagnosed with a DIPG, grade 4. Not sure that I can answer any questions yet (atart chemo and radiation next week) but I'll try. It's a acary thing to go theough thats for sure. Tell your sister to keep her heabd up.