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2nd and 3rd chemo treatment update

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Second chemo treatment was a little rough. Had a reaction to Taxol. Had some stomach issues as well. Nurse gave me script for Ativan to take with Zofran. It works like a charm. Had a very good week. Third treatment went well and feeling fine so far. Drinking lots of water and doing protien drinks with fruit added. Hope all is well with everyone.     

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Hey Retired - Glad the meds helped. You are half way there! Good luck with the rest of your treatments.

Love and Hugs,


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Retired, thanks for sharing the good news! We could use some more of that around here lately. Hoping that your next treatments go as well. Kim

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Sounds like you have things under control.  You are getting weekly chemo, right?  Hoping side effects continue to be minimal for you.

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