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Partial mri?

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Anyone ever heard of this?

 I had my first 6 month followup today at the scan center.   Got the disk, went home and noticed it says "partial"MRI on the disk label.  Last one I had before my surgery  didn't say that. By the time I got home Dr office was closed to ask about it. Did a quick Google search and don't see anything about a partial MRI. Still don't have results, hopefully really soon because I definitely shades of scan anxiety and the wait is going to make me nuts ;)


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I think it's referring to the fact that the MRI is of the partial neph you had.

Keep us posted huh?

Deep breaths and hugs,


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I'm sure Donna's right. Do you know when you are going to get your results? Try not to wory too much.

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See Dr on 18th but picked report up today .  From what  I can tell ned! Says something about scar tissue . I will know more after Dr appt, but nothing about recurrence.   


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That's exactly how I took it. MRI for partial neph. In any case, wishing you the best! I'm sure you read right and it's NED :)

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Yay on no issues on the report! My scan showed some "scar tissue/ nodularities notation as well at the incision site. Must be par for the course because my surgeon did not even mention it.

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In my report I had the same scar tissue it's nothing.......NED IT IS Cool

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