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Am I nuts...

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Hi everyone!

My aunt and uncle have offered us tickets to the Paul McCartney concert. It's on Tuesday and 1 day shy of being 6 weeks post op. I really want to go but not sure if I'm ready to do something that strenous yet Or more that I will wilt before the concert ends. Would you go? 


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Did you hold back a couple of pain killers for emergencys?  If so, I would go.  If not.  I would go.  Come on people, I live so far in the woods the mosquiteos havn't heard Alaska has become a state. 

If you start to over indulge in a good time your scar or something behind it will tell you so.  Think about it.   Only you can answer the question.  I wish you the best.


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Actually i do have  some Tylenol with codeine left over from my appendectomy. 

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Kerry --

You don't have to jump up and down, scream, and dance to EVERY song.  Unless you're up to it, and then maybe do that just half of the time.

Also, take an extra nap the day of the concert, and plan on Wednesday being a "sleep in" day. 


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If youre still not sure ask a Dr. I reckon you could do with a celbration of life and a little down time.

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GO!!  You'll probably be happy you did.....if you do go.  (but then, I'm a child of the Beatles era, so I wouldn't miss it)


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he's awesome in concert. Played 2 hours straight when I saw him with only time enough to take his jacket off!!! My husband went to a football game shortly after is kidney cancer surgery and we stayed as long as he felt comfortable and then left. Take your codeine (and maybe get a little contact high from all the pot at the concert, seriously it was worse than Guns N Roses concert, lol!!!)

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But then I am not a Paul Mc Cartney Fan.



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My hubby and I had a one week abroad trip on the  forth week after the surgery. I felt almost normal and could walk for our walking tours easily. I had dizziness and muscle cramps justonce so we came back to the hotel and I took pain killers and took a rest for whole afternoon. Next morning I was completely fine. So if you think you're ready for such a concert, then why not? It can also boost your mode



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I saw Paul last year here in Philadelphia; it was an awesome show.  I would say to do it... It's not a Metallica show!  He's not exactly high impact.  If you feel like sitting down, sit (unless they gave you standing tickets).  If you feel like taking a break, do that when he does the crappy new songs.  But if you've never seen him and you are a fan, I would go.

- jay.

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I friend of mines husband donated a kidney for his sister.  One week post-op he was out mowing the lawn...  Now his wife almost killed him when she came home and saw what he had done.  Moral of the story, don't mow the lawn one week post-op, but go the concert if you feel up to it.  

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In a heart beat

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Yes, go to the concert; rest up before and after and then, ENJOY!


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