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Hi Everyone

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Its been awhile since I have been on here checking on everyone, but I have been praying for you all.  I had colonscopy and EGD done in May and everthing looks ok  had 5 polyps removed and all was adenomas pre cancerous polyps.  SOme cell changes in stomach was found.  Still no new biopsies on thryoid masses, but I go to new Doc Next Wed for biopsies of nodules that have grown,  cant stand for seat belt to touch my neck now, have to hold it away from me.  My biggest scare right now is on my last scans of abd, pelvis and chest in oct 2015 was ok  In June my urologist decided to do all those scans  and wow what a nightmare since.  I have a ground glass appearance in right upper lung, lymph nodes under right arm quite enlarged.  So Oncologist got biopsy set up and I had to do them under CT guidance.  Gave me a little med but they wanted me awake during procedure because i could not move even a toe LOL.  Was to go find out results this past Wed and I got sick early Tues morn hurting bad in Right flank area and I put it off took my pain meds used heat , flushed kidneys with water and walk floor all night long tues night  so wed I had to cancel my appt with oncologist and went to ER where they put in IV gave me morphine and oh  oh what a relief  and ct scan did not show a stone but it passed a little after the scan.  My white cell count is close to 20000.  I ihave no tendernesss or soreness under my right arm and I am just a little worried about this.  Seen my Pulmonologist THur and he said my lungs was not as stable as they have been .  He said I had new scarring in my lungs.  Increased steroids and put on another antibiotic, I already take one antibiotic everyday to try to keep lungs clear and see what this will do.  More short of breath now and not able to do walk test he wants done so i go back in 2 weeks and do that and then another CT in 2-3 weeks.  I need your prayers and vibes and thoughts.  I pray this all will pass with nothing out of any of it.    Thanks  Sue Routin

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It's frustrating and scary having health issues after you've suffered with this. I hope it all passes and soon.


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you know we're always thinking of you. I think thats how we keep each other from being worse. I hope you enjoy some of the summer.

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I'll be praying for you.  Please keep us posted on findings.  In the meantime try to celebrate life.


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Hi Brea.  Sorry to see all that you have been through. Sounds like  you have quite an infection, probably why the nodes were enlarged under the arm and the wbc so high. I forgot, are you on any meds for the rcc? The ground glass my mom had as well.  She had issues breathing. The doc told her it was a side affect of the votrient she is on. Said it made her lungs fibrous.  She  is doing much better now with that.  Thankful you got the polyps out.  Glad the stone passed.  I think you will start to feel better soon! Please let us know your results. Always thinking of you and praying for you! Hugs!


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Sounds like theyre throwing the book at you. I thought the ground glass was pneumonia. Anyway, hang on in there, we're all pulling for you. Good Luck

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The high white blood cell count does seem to indicate an infection. Keeping you in my thoughts and my fingers crossed for you.

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Hang in there, Brea! Hoping that you get all of this behind you soon!! Sending my thoughts and prayers your way. Stay your strong, wonderful self!

Take care!!



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