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colorectal cancer with liver metastases

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After Folfox tretments (2 so far) I have a viscous fluid with some blood coming from the anus and urge to urinate.

Is this "normal"?

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Glad you were able to post your own thread. 

John did reply to one of your posts in antoher thread, and he may cut and paste it here. 

I don't remember any bloody discharge when I was doing chemo, but then, everyone is different, so it doesn't necissarily mean that there is something wrong. 

I would certainly be talking to my Oncologist about it though. 

Welcome to the forum. 


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Thanks for being patient. 

My onc. at MSK said that she didn't know what caused it. As long as I had a "normal" bowel movement she was not overly concerned. However she did say she would discuss with her "group" at MSK.

To be continued.


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I didn't have any bloody discharge with the Folfox treatment, just occassional diarrhea[ as many times as I've written that word, I still have to check the spelling].  If the docs don't address it, and it keeps up, I think I'd press the issue.................................Dave

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