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4 years

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Lou Ann M
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This weeks marks 4 years since I hopped on this rollercoaster called cancer.  My sweet husband and best friend brought me roses to celebrate the fact that I am still here, quite an accomplishment when I think about it.  I wish I had found this site back then.  Even though I had tremendous support from my family and friends, it was not like having someone to talk to that really understood what I was going through.  I have had 2 short periods of NED, but have been on active treatment most of these four years.  I first thoughts were that I had ruined our live, but I have learnEd that that was far from true.  I have learned how truly blessed and loved I am.  I have met some of the most Wonderful people along this ride. I have learned to be thankful for little things and to enjoy the time that I have. I have been blessed with wonderful caring doctors and nurses.  No one know how long they have on this earth, but I do,know were I am going so I,am at peace with that.

love, hugs and prayers to all of you, Lou Ann

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Lou Ann, I think it is safe to say that we ALL are glad you found this board as well. You bring so much to us and the fact is... we get so much more from you than you could ever get back. So, thanks for continuing to share your journey. You give all of us hope, inspiration and love to name a few of the things your
"being" brings. I'm so hopeful that this latest treatment is effective. I would love to celebrate a NED dance with you.

Love and Hugs,


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Thanks for sharing your journey.

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Yea, same here.  Thanks for sharing your journey.


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You're an inspiration to me!

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All the best to you Lou Ann, and thanks for sharing.  I sooooo empathize.  I'm coming up on three years and like you have had 2 short periods of NED, but have been in treatment most of this time.  But when I look back I know that nearly everything that has come out of this journey has been a good thing...richer relationships, deeper appreciation for every day, and so much more.  Love to you!

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Happy anniversary Lou Ann. You are an inspiration!

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You are one of the pillars of this group, and I am so glad that you did find it.  As others have said, you are truly an inspiration and serve as an example of how to stay in the fight while living a life that isn't only about the fight.  Congratulations on 4 years of celebrating life with all of its uncertainties and joys.

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I hope you know how important you are to all of us.  We need your guidance and in return you have our love, respect and support.  You are special and I think there are special plans for you to help those of who are entering this Twilight Zone of Uterine Cancer.  Another test that will show the way to the rest of us watching your journey.  God bless you, my dear lady.


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Lou ann you ARE!!! an insperation.  Dont want to take away any think from that. Just wanted to say, Patty you are and insperation to us as well.  You have kept me going lately.

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Janaes, Blushing and thanking you.   I talk too much but I truly do care for each of you.  And I feel the care coming back from each of you!  

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Double Whammy
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You have been an admiration and a wonderful example of how living with cancer can be experienced. 


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Lou Ann, congrats on 4 years! Even with all the ups and downs, you have never stopped fighting. Thank you for that. May your next 4 years be smoother sailing. Kim

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