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Radiation Mask--Scared

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Tomorrow I'm having a radiation mask made so I can begin 6 weeks of radiation treatment for desmoplastic melanoma in my cheek. Most of the cancer has been excised and I have a nice big skin graft but there's still some cancer in there - thus the radiation. Anybody have advice about the mask-making? Must say I'm pretty claustrophobic. This has given me more anxiety than any of other surgeries. Thanks for any thoughts.

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These forums have been fairly quiet in the the past couple of years. I wish I had a response for you or some way to comfort you, but I don't. I know nothing about radiation masks. I will say that I'm also claustrophobic and when I do things like MRI's they tend to give me headphones and tune in to my fave radio station. That tends to help. Maybe you can see if they can do something similar or will allow you headphones and mp3 player? I know they want as little things that can be irradiated when it comes to regular cancer radiation treatments, but I don't know if a mask is the same or has less radiation? I wish you the best of luck!

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I'm sorry more members haven't responded to your inquiry, but you might check out the Superthread on the Head & Neck Cancer board - http://csn.cancer.org/node/261072 . There is an entire section in there on tips for handling the mask. While this obviously isn't the same cancer, using a mask during radiation can be quite common for those cancers and this is addressed more frequently on their board. 

Best of Luck!


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How are you doing, I too was fearful of mask, even got claustraphobic during. A few times it hurt my face during treatment. Just wondered how your doing. I have facial cancer just now.2nd degree burns from the radiation.

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