First symptoms of brain cancer

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Hello all,

I am a new here. I am wondering what are the very first symptoms of

brain cancer. 


  • Sten
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    Hi Isabella99,

    I had lymphoma in my cerebellum. My first symptoms were headache and rapid weight loss, then double vision.

    For different people, the symptoms can vary.


  • beaumontdave
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    For my wife, it was headaches

    For my wife, it was headaches on one side that didn't go or stay away. If in doubt, an x-ray should tell and be simple to get.....................Dave

  • Kathy03222
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    for me it was pressure headaches  I think one of the most normal signs is seizures 

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    In my case, my symptoms were pretty subtle, despite my tumor being 4cm when diagnosed. I noticed I was having a slight difficulty in recalling words when I was studying for an exam. If not for that, I doubt if it would have been caught. I was not given an MRI when my breast cancer was first diagnosed  

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    I had headaches

    I had headaches

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    My father had heavy headaches

    My father had heavy headaches and double vision. His Oncologist suggested him Hemp oil for these side effects which actually helped him recover fast. Some studies from Israel or somewhere CBD/Cannabinoids has proven to be effective for cancer patients. We found Charlotte's web hemp oil effective for him. I suggest you to try some reputed brands who have complete control over their growing and manufacturing process so the product is the same each time.