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Almost 1 year since radical and???

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New to the board and think its great that it is available.   August will be 1 year since I had my radical due to cancer.  Still clear to date which is great but not have kidney function issues with the remaining kidney that the nephrologist cant quite figure out but here is my real question.  Since I have had the surgery I have been very tired.  I am 46 and in pretty good shape.   I cant figure out if its from the missing kidney or the new issue of kidney disease in my remaining kidney.  Keep fighting the fight and look forward to any feedback you may have to share.


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Hello, I had kidney cancer and my young son too had kidney cancer. I strongly encourge you to research a couple of options for yourself. They have changed our lives. I strongly encourage you to look into other ways to get healthy. I embrace and love western medicine but they are lacking in the knowledge of Food as  medicine. The food we put into our bodies can make all the difference in the quality of our lives. I embrace both and there is a strong movement of medical professionals out there who are getting on board. I encourage you to look into it here are a couple of resources to get you on your way. One is Nutritionfacts.org and another is a film called forks over knives it also has great website for healthy resources. Your tiredness is definitely due to your kidney and have you had your blood pressure monitored. Kidneys control our blood pressure.

Hope this helps a bit. Keep in touch.

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The loss of a kidney does cause kidney function issues and our kidney function numbers are less than our 2 kidney brothers and sisters, That being said there are other things that cause lower kidney function which your nephrologist can help you address. These inclde high BP, diabities, diet,  weight loss and other kidney issues. Some members have Kidney Disease unrelated to their neph. which further lowers their kidney function numbers. 




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Similar here, my partner is now 1 year after total nephrectomy, 44 and in very good shape. He was pretty perfect the first 6 months but now some fatigue seems to settle in, together with some bad kidney blood values and thrombocytopenia. No real kidney disease in the remaining kidney so far (at least not diagnosed) but still....not ok. It's frustrating, and like Nana4life suggested, I would also look at alternative support things, diets, herbal, whatever, but my partner won't hear from it.
So traditional medicine keeps and eye on him, and like someone here on the forum said to me, don't let it drive you crazy.....maybe it's quite normal to have lower kidney function after nephrectomy, and maybe it's also quite ok not to be 100% full of energy like before....but I totally understand your worry.
Anyway, congrats on the clear status after 1 year, no new tumors, that is GOOD!!

All the best


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