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Quite a journey isn't it?

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Yes it was just about a year ago when I noticed the small lump in my groin...wasn't too worried and headed off to Washington to work on a fire..when I got home three weeks later the lump was much larger so off to the doctor. I went to discover I had DLBCL..wow..treatment began a week before Christmas and lasted through March..you guys have seen me on here confused, scared, thinking I would never pull out of the depression or learn how to deal with my fatigue..well, today I'm here to tell you I'm packing...tent, sleeping bag and all getting ready to head out to the Great Basin area..for some 15 HR days of work.....I was initially afraid to say yes, and I'm still not sure if my stamina is ready to handle it , but I Am going because I have reached the point that right now in my life I choose not to let cancer rule my life....every one of you that comment on these pages are a blessing in each our lives that have this..let's continue to help .....thanks...nancy

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Mary from NJ
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Good for you, Nancy! Your strength and determination are an inspiration to all of us to keep on living life to the fullest possible.  You know your limits best.....so when the fatigue gets to you, don't avoid taking breaks. Cancer shall NEVER rule our lives, and we can NOT permit that! Be safe!


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Your comment is inspirational!!!!

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Thank you.... I was feeling the same way!

We know what we can handle! Stay strong!

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Just some inspiration for those of you wondering if you will ever regain your stamina...YES..I ended up working on two different fires this year, and put in 14 to 15 HR days for 14 days at a time...Woo Hoo...last spring I never thought  it would be possible.. seeing my Dr. Every three months and not taking the days for granted...For those of beginning hang in there you will get through it...

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