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Where to begin?  I had an MRI and a Ct scan last week.  Tha thing in the brain has some small progression.  The last MRI was in 2013 so there we are.  My vision is still blurry.  The thing shares space with my optic nerve. 

All the little things in the lungs and right kidney remain stable.

Every so often I get a three to five day stay in a nice health spa.  I used to think of them as hospitals.

I used to think of gout as the cause.  Some doubt of that always being the cause has been questioned from time to time.  And finally it seems the last scan of the pelvis gave us a reason.  Osteonecrosis.  Nice, another jumble of letters I can't pronounce.  One of the side effects of long term steroids.  Shrinks the veins feeding bone causing bone death and pain and use of healh insurance.  There is a hip replacement in my futre I do believe after lots of pain medication.  My poor over worked Wife. 

There is some discussion going on about early onset dementia. 

I'm a mess.  Waffles are ready.  Bye!!






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    So sorry Bobby....

    ....for all your troubles.  I will keep you in my prayers, and your overworked wife too.  Waffles sound great!!

    God Bless,


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    Thank You

    Thank You Donna.  I hope I wasn't whinning all that loud.  I certainly enjoy life taken as a whole.  Some of the speed bumps are larger than they need to be.


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    I've never like Waffles

    Dont worry about osteonecrosis. Its just a greek word meaning bone-death. I got a new hip myself for the same reason a couple of weeks back and I can now drink beer without using a stick. I am now a titanium framed bionic man (just a bit slower). I'm told I'll soon be dancing down the street like Gene Kelly, I'm just waiting for rain

    Why no MRI or scan? sounds a bit off.

    You should say no to the dementia and waffles and demand bacon instead.

    I really wish you good luck mate ( and the new hip really does make a difference)

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    I'll take chocolate chips in

    I'll take chocolate chips in my waffles...;)   Best wishes to you, Yeric.

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    Just say no

    Whenever the grandson comes for the weekend, or week, The wife has always cooked pancakes.  Grandsons would be in shapes.  Thomas the train or minecraft.  I asked for clouds.  Then one day I said something about waffales.  And so there we are.  And yes his can have chips.  We love bacon.  The dementia was mentioned to me in 2013 after a pet scan of the brain.  I havent't seen a specilist yet.  The oncoligist that spoke to me about my hip left a lot unsaid.  And I need to make a couple apointments.  I guess.  The active ingrediant of a certain plant can help mitigate some side effects of a couple issues I have read.  Just not sure how to suggest that to my clan of drs.  Or the insurance company.  The 70's were a long time ago.

    I do remember you went in for a new hip Foots.  And it sounds like they did you right.  Steady on ol' man.  As I get closer I'll compare options.   Titanium you say?  Is there a mothballed sr 71 missing a landing gear?

    The Wife an I just had our 40th.  Our Daughter called to remind us.


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    Good luck.

    That does not sound like fun.  Take care and i will keep you in my prayers