MY Father has stage 4 cancer at 45

hello everyone, my name is Trevor, im talking about this topic to see where people are at about this topic. My dad was diagonised with stage 4 cancer about a year and half ago. So everything is spreading he has tumors in his back,stomach,liver, and lungs. This is a heart wrenching topic to talk about. I am currently in the Air Force in a Flordia training. Im trying to focus on whats important here, but from time to time i think about my father, how is he doing, how long does he have?! He doesnt tell me much at all, i think he doesnt want me to worry, im not sure. He recently was put on a new chemo treatment because the tumors were not shrinking. He was so sick he couldnt even talk on the phone. He didnt eat for a whole week. Also he has chemo every week, if you ever had to watch someone you love get pumped full of posion its terrible. JUST wondering whats your input on this, I know there is nothing i can do about this being so far away from him. Im only 22 and it seems to unclear to me. I dread the day i get a call from the red cross telling me hes gone. I will have to fly from germany to wisconsin. I MAY ONLY HAVE ONE more chance to see him after i finish tech school for only two weeks. He stills is a manger of a company and goes hunting and fishing, hes a fighter for sure but he wont quit smoking, its like he dont care. THANK YOU FOR READING. Trevor USAF


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    Hi Trevor,

    This site is a good start. Its hard on everyone involved when it comes to cancer. Sometimes the person who has it thinks they dont want to burden their loved ones so they dont talk much about it. I think that may hurt even worse. If you ever need to talk to someone. THere are plenty on here to help. Im surprised no one responded to you yet. Take care and thanks for serving for all of us.


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    Hi Travor

    My wife also has stage 4...lung cancer and it is hardest not having any control of the situation, everyting is out of my hands...but, most importantly it is in the Lords hands.

    Being here in Florida....and if you are going to be stantioned here maybe you can get your Father to come here....we have two excellent hospitals here.....Florida hospital is in my opinion a life saver....and Moffet...which I know little about, but, hear it too is an excellent option. Stories I have heard since my wife discovered her cancer is....."people have lifed several years with Cancer"...treatment has come a long way so there is hope.

    Prayers to you and family. And Thank You for Serving our Great Country! E-4 US Army.